The Full Stack Journey Podcast is a monthly podcast discussing the ongoing journey toward becoming a “full stack engineer.” Each month, we’ll talk with a guest who will describe his or her own personal journey toward becoming a full stack engineer, and will share with listeners any tips, tricks, or advice they think may be useful.

What is a full stack engineer?

A full stack engineer is an engineer who is capable of moving among multiple layers and multiple silos within the modern data center technology stack. That’s not to say that a full stack engineer will be an expert in all these areas (though that would be quite the feat!). Instead, a full stack engineer will have significant experience or expertise in one or two major technology areas along with reasonable knowledge of or proficiency in multiple other areas. Further, a full stack engineer will actively work toward tearing down silos, encouraging cross-team communications and cooperation for the benefit of their organization.

Who produces this podcast?

The Full Stack Journey Podcast is hosted, recorded, and produced by Scott Lowe, a 20+ year veteran of the IT industry. Scott is a successful author, well-respected blogger, and oft-requested speaker. His blog is found here, and he’s also active on Twitter.

How can I be a guest on the podcast?

Just send an e-mail to the podcast’s host (scott at fullstackjourney dot com).

Anything else I should know?

Just the usual disclaimer(s): Any views or opinions expressed on the Full Stack Journey Podcast are strictly those of the host (Scott Lowe) and any podcast guests. Such views and opinions do not reflect or represent the views or opinions of any employers (neither the employer of the host or hosts nor the employer of any guests present on the podcast). The content in the Full Stack Journey Podcast is not read, reviewed, or approved in advance by any other organization.