RSS Feeds and HTML5 Audio

In response to some listener feedback, I’ve updated the RSS feeds here on the Full Stack Journey web site, and added HTML5 audio support. The RSS feed changes are intended to help address problems subscribing to the podcast feed using a podcast application; if you run into any issues getting access to the podcast episodes, please let me know so that I can make additional adjustments/changes as needed.

  • The RSS feed for the podcast episodes is here. You can use this feed in your podcaster to get the podcast episodes. However, I recommend using the iTunes mirror feed instead, in the event that the direct podcast feed ever changes or needs to change.
  • To get only the articles from the web site (and not the podcast episodes themselves), use this RSS feed. You can use this feed in your RSS reader (or equivalent).
  • On the web site itself, I’ve updated the visual representations to show that there is an RSS feed for articles and a separate RSS feed for episodes. You can see this new visual representation at the bottom of the site.

Additionally, I’ve added HTML5 audio support to each podcast episode post, which will allow users with browsers that support HTML5 audio to listen to a podcast episode directly in their browser.

Hopefully these changes make it easier to find episodes, listen to episodes, and stay connected with the Full Stack Journey podcast. If you have any additional feedback, feel free to hit up the Full Stack Journey podcast on Twitter. Thanks!