Podcast News

Welcome to the new web site for the Full Stack Journey Podcast! If you’re not familiar with the Full Stack Journey Podcast, it’s a monthly podcast featuring guests who are pursuing the goal of being a “full stack engineer”—that is, someone who is able to work across silos and move among different layers of the modern data center stack. The goal of the podcast is to provide practical, actionable, and useful information to help listeners get started or continue with their own journey.

You can subscribe to the Full Stack Journey Podcast via iTunes.

In concert with the launch of the new web site, a number of other things are happening as well:

  • The podcast is migrating away from SoundCloud. If you’ve subscribed to the podcast using SoundCloud, I recommend switching to the direct podcast feed or to the iTunes mirror feed. (The iTunes mirror feed is generally recommended, in the event the URL for the direct feed changes at some point in the future.)
  • In addition to the podcast feed, there’s also an RSS feed for the web site itself. The site’s RSS feed contains the show notes for each episode as well as general information (like this post).
  • The Full Stack Journey Podcast also has a new Twitter account, where information about the podcast and/or podcast episodes will be posted.

Finally, the show is looking for potential guests! If you feel you have information that would help listeners in their “full stack journey,” then feel free to drop me an e-mail (scott at fullstackjourney dot com).